Query: Hiding "created by" column in data service entity when interacting with UiPath Apps

Business use case:
For one of the clients, there is an app that we have built which updates student info in data service entity. Since the app is connected to the entity, all students are able to view data entered into data service entity. This is a data breach issue and the client wants to avoid this scenario.

We want to restrict the different users from seeing who updates the data entity. Is it possible to achieve this? We are thinking of app triggering a process which updates data service entity. This way bot updates data entity and student info doesn’t appear in ‘created by’ and ‘updated by’ fields within data service entity?

@hanan.saleena ,

Unfortunately , we can’t do this into Data service portal , However if you want to do into apps then you an do this and display.


Hi @hanan.saleena,

as Arvind_Kumar said you can delete a column in your App table: