Query condition

Hi can you please tell me what is this condition meaning. snapshot attached below. I highlighted with yellow colour.
As in_TransactionNumber assigned 1



we initialized in_TransactionNumber to 1 right.

By default, index will start from 0. So we are trying this one: in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber-1)


so what it will give us…
As I observed it split the table array value. Right if if I am wrong?


Hi @balkishan

To add what @lakshman mentioned. So the transaction number really holds the position index which is a number. Since the WIList is an array the positions start from 0. And since the transaction number starts from 1, we have to do a -1 to get the 0th position. So your command here will return the datarow of the position given by the transaction number -1. This applies to any type of array, data tables and even list variables…

Hope it helps


Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando and @lakshman that’s what I want to know.


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