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@AdityaVN good morning, I wanted to consult a question that I have and I could not solve with the automation of the daily records of the emails.

It turns out that when you add different fields/records in excel, it stops working. That is, it only saves and keeps the last entered. Here’s an example:


How should I make it read and recognize all the records and enter them as follows? attached capture:


@AdityaVN I pass you the complete project, in case it helps you to see it directly from there!

PruebaAutomatizacionRegistrosDaily_Email.7z (41.7 KB)

@ppr can you help me?

Thanks! And sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi @Atejera Greetings

This is happening because the values for the variables in For loop (MoM_NextStepts,MoM_Imp_points,MoM_participants) are of string type and when control comes out of For loop only last held values are passed to the text file. This logic holds good if only one row is used in the excel.

Now if more rows are used in the excel you can use a collection type string (add to collection activity) for variables in For loop. When control is out of for loop you can join the elements in each of this collections with appropriate html tags and pass it to text file

hope this is helpful

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Thank you very much, I was able to fix the problems and change the format to make it work properly!

I need to polish some details, and everything would be finished!

On the other hand, I wanted to ask you, can the robot obtain the Excel file directly from the cloud? (i.e download it from OneDrive and already work with it?)

in case of power, how would the process be?

check this documentation might be helpful

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