[Query] [ACME login] Customizing Config.xml file according to the assignment-1 as part of Level-3 training


While trying to customize the config.xml file according to the given PDD I couldn,t make out the following points below:

It’s a good practice to keep the values that are prone to changes in the configuration file. Open the Data\Config.xlsx workbook and switch to the Settings sheet.

1)Add settings for System1 URL and SHA1 Online URL.

2)The System1 application requires authentication; we’ll use Orchestrator Assets to store the credentials for System1. Add another setting, System1_Credential, to store the Credential name.

3) Add an Asset of the Credential type and write the username and password for System1. Make sure that the Asset name matches the value of the System1_Credential setting.

Can anyone help me understand these points and guide me as i am having issues in creating and customizing other workflows!!

Any input is appreciated.


See explanation here:

Thank you for your quick response!!

I went through the explanation given and have made changes in the same.Please go through the below points and help me correct if at error in creating at any point.

  1. Under config.xlsx file i have created the Name (in_system1Credential) and value (System1_Credential)

Is this the correct way??

  1. The different variables used and arguments created are quite confusing me in creating other workflows.
    I’m not able to identify which argument is used and to use in which workflow.
    In UiPath Studio, under GetAppCredentials workflow,

and in argument panel below--------

  1. In orchestrator

Please guide me in the above points 1) 2) 3) posted above…

  1. Looks fine.
  2. Orchestrator is fine.
  3. First, variables are local to the workflow whereas arguments help data flow IN/OUTwhen you do a workflow call/invocation.

Sometimes, we just map the IN arguments to another invokes IN argument as is because they directly hold the value we want to use.

Like what you see here:


Like this:

Thankyou @nadim.warsi for the explaination. Will try to workout on this.

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[Related to: System1_Login.xaml & openBrowser.xaml]

1)In System1_Login i created the variable in_System1URL of System1_Login scope…


  1. next i invoke the open browser workflow and there i call this same in_System1URL but as an argument…

    How is the value being referred here in 2)
    Pls help me understand the relation between these two .xamls
  1. These 2 need to be arguments and not variables.

  2. and i think the whole login logic will be in one System1_Login flow.
    You will not need to create a open browser workflow separately.

If you will follow the instructions line by line you will be able to understand what is required to be done.

Thankyou…the 2 arguments were corrected…

I cant seem to resolve this particular issue…
under main.xaml >>while trying to filter the workitem of type WI5, we need to use the datatable.Select method…

I have tried with other variables type to…
Please help me in correcting if i missed any variable or argument to add here while assigning

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You should be Array and then browse and select System.Data.DataRow and you should be good

Is this correct then?..
or guide me on how to filter the table using Data.Select method for this situation here…

nope only change the type fo WIList variable not your dt_Wls

Ok let me explain.
dt_Wls - is your data table which is the variable that is the output of your data scraping
WIList - this is the array of rows from your datatable above that is created after we filter based on the criteria

Its working!..thanks for quick response n patient reply…

In Framework>>GetTransactionData>>GetTransactionItem(PFA the below pic)

The type for out_Transactionitem is QueueItem…
Is this correct?..If so can you please explain me about Queuename and Transaction item mentioned here…

I think you are doing the L3 assignment 1, In that the Transaction item is Syatem.Data.DataRow.

In the beginning of the instructions it is mentioned what the type of the item will be.

Also, a mention is there to delete this activity ‘Get Transaction Item’ as this assignment does not use queues

Thanks for the reply @nadim.warsi
yes its part if L3 assignment1 i’m currently trying to complete…

while navigating to workitem details, i have followed the instructions in the Walkthrough…
But then why do i get the error below?..
please help me correct the below shown errors.