Query about Uipath studio!

1.what is the lastest uipath tool ver?
2.to get row item we will use get row item.
How can we get couldn’t item?

@saibinduk ,

The recent version is 2019.4.2
I believe i did not understand your second question. Could you please eloborate?

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How can we get coulmn item?

@saibinduk In for each loop, you may use row(“column Name”), that should fetch you the details from the corresponding column

Example - To fetch the cell value of C2, (assuming you have enabled headers and C column is named as Category),

You may use

For each row in Data table,



Hi @saibinduk,

I have created a workflow for better understanding on Get row Item.
Hope it will help you a lot.
Please give as solution if you feel it an appropriate reply.
Getrowitem.zip (18.1 KB)


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