Queries related to document understanding retrainable model using AI Fabric

Solution which could fetch details such as name, skill set, email id, phone number etc from different resume templates and convert to required format

Suggested Solution:
I am planning to suggest Ui Path Ai Fabric document understanding retrainable machine learning model. Plan is to annotate different resume templates using data manager and use those for creating a new document model for resume,train and deploy as ML skill


  1. Is this is the best solution? Any other options we have within UI Path or which could be integrated with Ui Path or outside Ui Path?
  2. How many different templates of resume will be required for data manager annotations. Approximate range?
  3. Any limitation in going with On Prem AI Fabric?

Hi @Sharaz.KM thanks for your interest in UiPath Document Understanding product.

Indeed, the ML model approach is the recommended approach for this kind of usecase. Now, in order to determine whether all your requirements are met we would need a more detailed description of the fields you need extracted, for instance what exactly do you mean by “skill set”? What form does this take? Is this the paragraph where the skills are listed? Or is it a bunch of words/phrases sprinkled throughout the resume? Can you share an example?

What other fields do you need extracted?



Skill set - i am not referring to any technical term related to AI Fabric. Its just the skills normally people mention in their resume ie RPA Developer, C# Developer etc.
What form : We can expect both in pdf and word format

Where the skills are listed : Since we are not providing any template, it can be in table / bullet points / paragraph.Just imagine usual resume templates

Example : Any resume format. Since we are expecting resume from multiple people across the country, any normal resume template is an example

Fields : Major useful information’s from a candidate resume

Just to clear, we are trying to build a document understanding solution for CANDIDATE RESUME similar to out of the box solution provided by UI Path for invoices

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