Queries on Advanced Training(academy 2) assignments


  1. How may attempts for academy 2 assignment submissions ?
  2. Does the evaluation of assignment happens by means of marks ?
  3. Will my assignment gets evaluated after submission of first assignment or at the final stage ?


Hi @yogeshgyw,

  1. There is no limit on the submission as such (This is if you don’t get a qualifying score) , Don’t worry I am sure you will crack it in 2-3 attempts. But, once you submit a solution that gets you the qualifying score no more submission will be allowed (So you can’t improve your score if you have passed once).

  2. Yes it is graded out of 100 (Eg: 90/100, 100/100).


  3. Every assignment is evaluated as and when you submit it. The restriction is once you submit Assignment 1 only then you can move to Assignment 2.

Hope this Helps :slight_smile:

Nithin Prabhu



just a follow up question. Is the UiDemo part of assignment 1? thanks in advance.


Hi ,

UiDemo is a fully gudied practice exercise with a full walkthrough. I strongly recommend that you do this end to end, it will help you in Implementation of assignment 1 & 2.

Kudos ! :slight_smile:

Nithin Prabhu


Hello guyz… I am stuck at the “upload” section… My workflow is running fine… But I am not able to upload the workflow… I gave 2 attempts… Is there any limit for number of attempts??
Its been one week I am facing this issue…

Its showing "Your assignment has been submitted"since days!!!
I have completed the assignment2 also… All I need is to just upload it… But I cant do that :frowning:


Same here I tried to upload it 2-3 times but its stuck. Did you figured out how to upload it ?


It automatically got corrected.