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Buenos Dias, Quisiera saber la siguiente información: 1-UiPath realiza automatizacion de performance? 2-UiPath permite generar archivos de evidencia de las pruebas, que formato es este archivo? puedo adaptar mi archivo word con cun formato establecido por la compañia? 3-UiPath tiene un orquestador que puede lanzar scripts que fueron generados en selenium, sikulli, jenkis? Agradecería si responden a estas consultas Saludus y Gracias, AC

Good morning, I would like to know the following information: 1-UiPath performs performance automation? 2-UiPath allows to generate evidence files of the tests, what format is this file? Can I adapt my word file with what format established by the company? 3-UiPath has an orchestrator that can launch scripts that were generated in selenium, sikulli, jenkis? I would appreciate if you answer these queries Saludus and Thank you, AC

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  1. This question is not clear to me. Please expand a little your thought.
  2. UiPath Studio allows you to build an automation to perform same action which user could do manually + run background automation which gets API-related data, scripts and so on. You can consider it like very complex macro builder which allows you to perform repetitive work with or without supervision of human :slight_smile:
  3. Orchestrator is the web-based tool which allows you to schedule, trigger, maintain and set everything related to already created projects. It logs data and information about each project, run, errors etc. It can be combined with Jenkins for example in terms of building log database.

Thank you Pawel Wozniak, could you please help me with these questions:

1-Uipath allows to automate performance tests is easier to use compared to jmeter
2-Uipath allows using a word file with an established template from my company to save the evidences
3-The Uipath orchestrator allows to use selenium, sikulli and jenkis scripts from these 3 programs
4-The level of complexity to generate scripts on different platforms such as AS400, mobile, web, desktop applications is the same or is different. For example is it easier to generate script for web than for AS400?
5-What criteria should I take into account when automating, if I already automate repetitive processes

  1. Hard to say. Depends on practice I guess.
  2. Yes. I suggest excel as it’s more dynamic to use.
  3. As I wrote for sure you can use Jenkins in terms of gathering logs. Any other method of accessing data in Orchestrator is API.
  4. I would say “sky is the limit”. You can built anything you need. For terminals we have even dedicated package so it’s easier to automate them than before.
  5. If you need to automate more complicated systems for sure programming skill will be helpful. I suggest to check out our Academy for free courses where you can learn our products better :slight_smile:

Thanks Pablito😀

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