Quartz tables not created after fresh orchestrator 19.4.4 install

I just did a fresh install of the orchestrator (19.4.4) and as far as I can see everything went smoothly. But, there are no quartz tables created.

At what stage exactly should the quartz tables be created? Should they be created during install or do I have to perform some other steps for them to be created?

Are there any known factors that may prevent quartz tables from being created?

Thank you.

It seems that problems of this sort don’t attract a lot of attention in this forum, but for what it’s worth and in case someone might encounter similar problems in the future, I report that the problem has been resolved. Apparently, the msi installer, which is what I’ve used, creates most of the tables in the default dbo schema; in addition, it also creates a “stats” schema with a single stats.errorLogs table and a “quartz” schema with a dozen or so tables. Now, at the time of a fresh install, if an empty quartz schema exists in the database (maybe you ran the installer once before, uninstalled, emptied the database, and now you are running the install again), the installer apparently will silently finish the process without creating any quartz tables. On the other hand, if an empty “stats” schema exists at the time you run the install, the installer still creates that single table mentioned above. Inconsistent behavior; could be called a bug?