Quality Assurance for Uipath

Hi Everyone,

I want to know if there are any possibilities to test the Uipath bot or any process in Uipath.

Explanation: Lets say we are scrapping data for Laptops, we have saved it in an excel file, Can we build a bot to test whether the scrapping has been done correctly or not, testing whether the scrapped item has been correctly selected or not?

Inshort, it is Testing Uipath Bot in detail, any possible solutions or ideas are most welcome

Thank you

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Good morning Hemant,

This is absolutely possible.

You should be able to create a work queue that contains all your potential business exceptions and then run the bot as normal. You should complete unit tests as you develop the bot and then do thorough QA testing afterwards by running the process multiple times with different input.

Some users have also developed custom frameworks for QA testing on the UiPath GO platform:



Thanks man!, it was very helpful

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