QR Code Reader


Hello Team,
We are trying to perform following things

  1. Read .pdf file.
  2. Then from the same .pdf, we want to read QR code.

How we can achieve above things ?

Thank you and Regards


Not an easy task, but attached is an experimental activity that transforms an image into a string (QRCode Reader).

Your task will be to take a screenshot of the QRCode from the PDF and save it as an image.
Pass that image to the below QRCode reader activity that transforms an image into a string.

Main.xaml (5.0 KB)
QRCodeActivities.1.0.0.nupkg (980.1 KB)
QRCodeReader.zip (2.9 MB)

You can construct your own activity which decodes QR Code from an image.

In Visual Studio

  • create a new Class Library project
  • rename the class Class1.cs created by default (or delete it and create a new class)
  • add a reference to System.Activities and make the class mentioned above inherit from CodeActivity
  • create an input argument and an output argument (both of type string) and also override the Execute method
  • build your project

Finally, you need to follow the steps described here to build a NuGet package and make it available in UiPath Studio. Make sure that you have NuGet Package Explorer installed.

You can find in attachments the VS project archive and the NuGet package, as well as a workflow that uses a “Select File” activity and passes the file path to our QRCode Reader activity.

You can modify this activity to suit your needs (but you’ll have to rebuild and recreate the NuGet package). Maybe you want use another library which can decode both, barcodes and QRCodes. Or you can simply add an input value to tell you if it is QRCode or a barcode and based on that you can keep the MessagingToolkit.QRCode library and simply add another one for reading barcodes.

Reading Barcode

Hello Badita,
With the help of package provided by you, We are able to decode QR Code.
Do you have any specific solution for decoding DM code ?

Thanks and Cheers :slight_smile:


:tada:Amazing man! the speed :alarm_clock: response is also pretty cool. :smiley::fireworks:


Hi All,
It works fine for QR. I want to read “Barcode” data now, how can I achieve this…?


Hello @badita, thanks for your indications.

Trying to follow the steps to execute the Main with the QRCode Activity, we are having problems opening the file “QRCodeActivities.1.0.0.nupkg”. We cant open it with Visual Studio and we are not able to download the NuGet Package Explorer to publish the activity and open it in UiPath.

¿Could give us some indications about how to proceed with the input you provided?

Thanks :slight_smile:


HI Badita,

I am had not much experience in UiPath, Even i had not come up with requirement to load external custom activities. Now i have a use case where i need to read QRCode and fetch details from it. I had downloaded your code. Now facing issue where to put respective files so workflow will start run.

I am using community version of UiPath.
What i had done:

  1. Downloaded QRCodeActivities.1.0.0.nupkg and place it under " AppData\Local\UiPath\packages\QRCodeActivities.1.0.0.nupkg"
  2. Downloaded main.xaml and run in UiPath Studio builder. Where got error " Could not find type ‘QRCodeReader.Activities.QRCodeReader’ in assembly ‘QRCodeReader’. Row: 63, Column: 6 "

Even i had checked in Package Manager, but QRCode activities is not available.

Where to place " QRCodeReader.zip " ?

can you please guide me, so i can move ahead for the implementation.



Hi I tried to use the QRcode activities ,but i met some problems.


Dear beesheep,

Would you please share how to install this activity? As I have met below error when I try to use it.


Hi Senthilkumar,
Would you please help me to understand regarding the QR Code Reader. How we can achieve it from jpeg file.


There is a nuget package available to read QRCode you can install that package and use it:)


Hi @Divyashreem Thank you very much for your reply. If you don’t mind would you please provide the link for the Nuget package.

Thank a lot in advance




Thank you…