QR code error

Hi Team,
We have a Process for QR code printing.
While running it manual it’s generating code, it is in screenshot.

If we try to run it through BOT it is printing wrong. highlighted in Screenshot.

Can you check your printing value variable type. Is is Generic Variable ?

Thks for reply,

We are using send hotkey activity to save the QR code document to PDF formate.

You mean after saving the PDF … values are altering in the saved document ?

Actually it should calculate the qty in kg value automatically when we are giving fields in sap.

It is a problem either in SAP calculation or saving the PDF … process numbers are getting change. Looks like BOT does not have any touching the code to alter the values in PDF or SAP. Because you are using sendhotKey to save the PDF which will not have no impact on those values except sending hot key (shortcut key command).

But manual run it’s giving values correct. If it is not touching SAP and BOT also.
Why the BOT is not calculating value, Instead of the it is pasting the qty in nos value in the qty in kg.

This is Timing problem … when you use BOT to process… you have not made any waiting or time sync machanisum in the BOT code. When you are making it manaully then SAP system is triggering SAP code to calculate values and post back in the data and same will populate in the new PDF document. BUT BOT is not giving such time to SAP system and generating the PDF in fast manner. So you are getting garbage…

Use Wait function for ample time to generate PDF and you will see correct output.

Hi rkelchuri,
As your message I did some changes in that. I just increased the delay after time but there is no change.

Do manually and observe the behavior of the SAP application timing… and make BOT code change accordingly to sync…