Q. If you have 1000 of data in queue and there are 5 robot you want to distribute data among them, how you can do it without using queue activity?

Is it possible to call data without using queue activity?

Hi @Akshay_patil

I think the best way would be to use queues if you want to use multiple bots to work on the data you have. Use of queues would give you better accuracy and reliability in this scenario. For example, queue’s will handle the failure retries automatically and also make sure the transactions are not duplicated when processing.

So I do recommend to use queues if you want to have such a distributed processing environment.

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You’d have to set up an Excel or CSV file that is in a shared location accessible by all your bots. Then have a column for Status, and as a bot processes each row, they update that column to “In Progress” and save the file. Bots should only process rows if column <> “In Progress”.


I’d also add other columns for tracking and logging, such as Transaction IDs, Bot Name, Fail Reason, etc.

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Can you please give me the example? @x.Rei.Ai.x Because, I am not getting what you’re talking.