Python script getting freezed intermittently

Hi team,
i’ve a problem with python script loading, i need to load a python script every transaction(in reframework), it happens that once every 30 or so transactions “load python scripts” activity freeze, without any error.

I don’t think it can be a problem related to the script considering that it works in the first 30 laps, what can it depend on?

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Hey @andreus91

If you can just show how are using it in UiPath and what does the script do in brief will be helpful to understand?



Check if you are clearing all the temp files it is created?

Also is it fixed that every time it freezes after 30 loops?


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Try restarting the machine or check the perfomance in the taskmanager and make sure the system has enough memory and cpu usage is below 60

Not always in the 30th, but always around the 30th.

there are no temporary files created

step forward: when it crashes, going to the task manager and killing the activity “” the robot goes into error and passes to the next item, without problems it returns to process the items in the queue and then crashes again after a few runs.

tested in two different machines.
anyone with similar problem?