Python script error

if i run python script file in UiPath
it’s start ruing… (until i stop it’s show the problem is runing)
but it’s don’t show the output

help me to resolve this

Hi @krishna_priya1

a few reasons, check this out

  1. Console Output is not being redirected: When running Python scripts in UiPath, the output is typically redirected to the console window within UiPath Studio. However, if the console output is not being redirected, you won’t see any output. To fix this, make sure that the “Output” panel is open in UiPath Studio and that the “Show output from:” option is set to “Python Script”.
  2. Output is being redirected to a file: If your Python script is writing output to a file instead of the console, you won’t see any output in UiPath Studio. Check your Python script to see if it’s writing output to a file, and if so, make sure you are looking in the correct file location to view the output.
  3. The Python script is not producing any output: If your Python script is not producing any output, then there won’t be anything to display in UiPath Studio. Make sure that your Python script is actually producing output by running it outside of UiPath, or by adding print statements to the script.
  4. There is an error in your Python script: If there is an error in your Python script, then the output may not be displayed in UiPath Studio. Check the “Output” panel for any error messages that may be preventing the script from running correctly.
  5. The Python script is still running: If your Python script is still running, it may not have produced any output yet. Check the console output periodically to see if any output has been produced.

I am also facing the same issue as above. I am using python version 3.10. Please help me.


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