Python Run Script Activity Not Throwing an Error but Not Running Properly

Hi all,

I’m trying to run a python script via the Run Python Script Activity in the Python Activities Package.

I am using a Python Scope activity with the file path C:\Python3.6 (using version 3.6 as other users mentioned 3.7 is not supported).

In the Run script activity inside the python scope I’m using the path C:\user\PythonScripts\

I can successfully run the script from the command line. The script creates and moves an excel file, so I know if the script is completed successfully if these files are created/moved. When I run my python activity workflow I don’t receive any errors however the script does not do what it is suppose to.

Has anyone else seen this issue and if so how did you resolve?


Can you post the code you are trying to do? and the workflow you have @ebg