Python implementation in Library Package

I have an issue with my Python implementation in a package.

When i run the Package stand alone. It has no issue, but when i try to implement the package into a workflow, the Python Scope is not working.

It might be because the Library packages looking on another client? I am not sure, where this issue comes from. Perhaps someone could point me into a good direction.


I can see like the in_pythonpath with value having just folder path while it didn’t have the python exe file path
If that argument is been used then we will be facing this issue which is due to that python exe file path is not mentioned
Cheers @Ben_Ten

Hi @Palaniyappan,

thanks you for your answer.
Sadly the path to the Python Exe is mentioned its C:\Data\python(python.exe)
I still tried to append python.exe but this does not change a thing.

The Library works as a Stand Alone, but if i try to implement it, it does not work anymore and i get this error message.