Python GUI: recording text typed in



Hi everyone!
Anyone knows what causes UIPath Desktop recorder not recognizing text box on my GUI interface written on Python (Tkinter)? when I’m clicking on text box (Tkinter: entry widget) UIPath doesn’t recognize it as typable. Even when I finish up the recording session in the recorded sequence it reflects each activity as a “Click”.


Just quickly written small GUI on Java and UIPath recognizes TextField but with problems telling that there is the bridge needs to be installed. The bridge didn’t help but at least I see that it recognizes text box.

Is any chance to workaround problems with Python GUI written on Tkinter lib?

PS: Got it resolved. Recorder doesn’t pick up text box as a text box, so need to go to Text on the recorder’s panel and pick option: “Type text” and so on with each text box. This seems to solve the problem.

PS Nope… nothing solved! still can’t get the values from the csv file in to each text box! brrrr…
Any ideas how to overcome it?

I reattached selectors and still no success…


Ok folks, here’s a work around I came up with.
The problem with selectors when you need to jump from one text box to the other but and when running UIPath can’t find selectors to put a cursor in to each text field. It can be solved through “special keys” available in Type Text activity. This is two steps process:

  1. Move Type Text activity in to to your sequence / workflow pick “[k(tab)]”
  2. Indicate on screen: click the UI window to pass “target window” onto your activity
    and then simply copy paste this activity down the bottom, as many times as you need to jump through the all the text fields on UI.
    And in between provide a variable name to pass onto each field.