Put web elements to Excel

Hi guys,

I want to each elements from a web site :

In a Excel sheet:

So the element “Dépôt de la demande de renouvellement” and the result “17/06/2021” will be in A2 and ect … with elements remaing :

“Demande de de pièces complementaire” will be " - " etc …

At the most basic level you have to find a way to loop through each of your elements and then build a DataRow element. The element name will be the first data row, the corresponding date will be the second row.

You can then append these Rows to a DataTable and finally write it to your Excel at location “A2” as the starting point with AddHeaders enabled.

I find another way, the scraping date. I put the datas in a sheet :


But the datas are in column and my destination sheet have to be in row.

How do I?

Please look up Excel Pivot.

Or you can read the data that is in the form of rows and convert them into columns as I described in my previous post.


Hi Andy, I did test many ways but I didn’t find a good one.
Do you have a main in example?

I don’t have anything specific. But if you debug your code, are you able to see the DataTable with the data that is structured like this image?


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