Put variable value into data table and then place in Excel using for each(want to do this for multiple account no)

I have n number of account num in Excel… And I have to check account details against that account num in SAP…for that purpose I used read range activity for that column …and put this account num in data table…then I applied for each row to get one by one account no. and then i extract required info from SAP and place in 4 different variables.

So now I want to add this 4 variable into data table in 4 different columns one by one…and then want to put in Excel sheet

Want to add data in C ,D,E,F column… against account number …

How can I go for it … please suggest with screenshot to better understanding.

Hi Rutuja,

Hope you have already added these 4 columns to the datatable. As you loop over each account number in the datatable, and get values for these 4 columns in 4 variables, then you can update the same datatable like below
Row.item(“AccountName”)= var_accountName
Similarly for the other 3 columns.

Finally you will have the datatable updated with all column values for all accnt numbers. You just have to write that datatable to an excel using writeRange.

Sruthi YNM


check below for your reference


Hope this will help you


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