Put all text in one column

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I want to put all these texts in one column only, not row.

sample is the value of getRRO and getTerm

Hi @prititit

Could u explain ur process better


Here are the sample list of types of document that I need to click. If the selector exists, then it will click the selector. But if not, the type of document should be in the excel

For example, the selector of “EXHIBIT” does not exists, if that happens, the bot will input the word “EXHIBIT” in excel

@prititit Do you want to add those text in Column or cell?

if it is cell

use Assign Activity like below

row(0) = getRRO+","+getTerm


row("<headerName>") = getRRO+","+getTerm

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Hello @aanandsanraj

I want to the text in column. :slight_smile:



In that case first build a datatable with that column using BUILD DATATABLE activity and get the output with datatable variable named dt

—once after checking whether the selector exists or not with your current workflow use a ADD DATAROW activity and mention the ArrayRow property like this

{“your selector attribute text”}

And in datatable mention as dt

This will add the text to the table row by row

Place the add Datarow activity to the place where you want the data to included in a datatable

Which can be later written to excel using write range activity

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @prititit

Thanks, @Palaniyappan !

Glad to @prititit

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