Push Queues


Current queuing mechanism in UiPath needs processes be constantly checking (pulling) a queue in order to know if there is a new item to process. This seems less than optimal as if there are no items in the queue, the process is just waiting for a new queue item to appear, instead of servicing other processes or queues.

My proposal is to have a new kind of queue, a “push queue”. In this kind of queues, the queue would be linked to an environment (a group of robots) and a process, and as soon as a new item enters the queue, the orchestrator checks which robot is available in the environment and effectively “pushes” the item to the robot, starting the designated process in the robot to process the item. This would be done while there are items in the queue. The orchestrator would follow a round-robin sequence, so all the robots would have the same average load, and all the push queues would have the same chance to push work items to an available robot.

This would optimize robot availability, as different push queues (different processes) could work with the same environment (same set of robots). This would also allow executing a set of processes in a sequential order, just having process A adding a queue item to the push queue associated with process B and so on.



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