Push other logs except Execution logs to Elasticsearch

Push various logs other than Execution Logs to Elasticsearch.


Push various logs other than Execution Logs to Elasticsearch is suitable in the scenarios, when the User is required to push Logs other than Robot execution logs as per the business needs in order to visualize them on Kibana.

This is achievable through the below:

  • Stop the IIS by running command "iisreset /stop" after opening command prompt with admin rights. It should be noted that this step will bring down Orchestrator, thus care should be taken that there are no new jobs inside Orchestrator at the moment of doing the below changes.
  • Navigate to Directory where UiPath Orchestrator is installed (Default Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator)
  • For Versions 2019.x.x and below locate the web.config file.
  • For Versions 2020.x.x onwards locate the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file.
  • Open the same in Admin mode (Using Notepad, Notepad++ etc.).
  • Navigate to Rules section which allows user to configure the location where the Logs are supposed to be pushed (By Default configuration targets the logs to be pushed to Database)

  • The robotElasticBuffer target is only meant to send Robot related logs to Elasticsearch, however one could utilize the serverElasticBuffer target to send other type of logs to the Elasticsearch


  • One could amend the rules and push the relevant logs to Elasticsearch using the Target serverElasticBuffer


  • Save the file.
  • Start the IIS by running the command "iisreset /start"
  • Upon completing the above navigate to Elasticsearch URL (Logs shall be pushed as serverdiagnostics*)


  • Create an Index Pattern to Connect to Elasticsearch by referring to doc