Purchase licenses impossible to get done so far

I am really becoming disheartened by the communication I have not received. I have called several times to arrange purchasing licenses. Each time I am put on hold for 6 minutes, only to be told by a voice to leave a message or call back later. I have done that multiple times and still have received no communication.

What am I missing? Why isn’t a sales person calling me?

Which region are you in? If you email me directly at richard.denton@symphony.com I can assist you with procuring licenses.



Thank you for getting back to me. I finally was able to talk to someone this morning and I think it is in process.

Thanks again

No problem. If you are looking for an RPA Implementation Partner, please do feel free to get in touch.



Hi Richard, I tried to email you at the address provided above and it bounced back twice. So, I’ll just post what I put in the email.

May I ask what the charge is for having an Implementation Partner?

We did not buy Orchestrator. We are trying to get non-production Robots running on non-development machines.

There is no documentation that I can find on the website that spells it out clearly step by step… The documentation doesn’t mention anything about licensing free robots and how to get that done. When I installed the Robots, I used the UiPath .msi and unselected everything not related to the Robot. It seemed to install, but they don’t work.

Hi @closl,

Sorry I always do that. It’s richard.denton@symphonyhq.com. :slight_smile:

The charges will vary dramatically depending on what is required so hard to give a price Our company are the #1 pureplay RPA provider in the world and have vast experience at implementing end-to-end projects.

Best thing I can do re licenses is put you in touch directly with our UiPath account manager to get this sorted for you and we can discuss any further opportunities following that. If you are still interested we can set up a call with our sales team. Could I ask which company you work for?