Pulling Sproc from SQL and monitoring

Good morning. I am a little confused here. The automation I am trying to create…is, pulling a sproc from SQL and using that to monitor and change data. The data table from the sproc gives us a number to search our customers, and then it’s to use that number and type it into a box; after that, I want it to continue down the line and check them all and monitor them…I used “Run Query” and made that a variable, but when I try to use it in “Type Into” under the current row, I get an error. Maybe someone here can explain this to me. Thanks.



First of all, type into needs a text input not a data row…so if you want some specific column data or if only one value is returned Then Monitor.rows(0)(0).ToString will
Have the value

Ele you have multiple then in for loop currentrow(0).ToString


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