Pulling data from Websites

So I have done a little bit of work with UIPath in an Accounting and IT college course but we only spent two hours going through. So I’m still pretty new. I’m really into college basketball and wanted to know if there was a way for me to have a robot pull stats from college games on a page like ESPN or NCAA and compile them into an Excel Doc? That way it is less time-consuming than going through all 355 D1 teams one by one myself.

@csutrick Yes it’s possible. Please share your complete use case.

Hi @csutrick

Hope this will help u to identify solution


Here is what I have so far:

I am a new user so it only let’s me add one pic, but I have two tables of data I pulled from school websites for their basketball teams (There is another sequence below the pictured sequence that is the exact same except for a different school). I have 353 left to do. But can I compile the data I pull from all 355 schools into an Excel workbook? Would I be able to have the robot separate the data so that each school’s information goes to a different sheet within the Excel workbook?