Pull down menus and complex work flows

Hi I am looking into using a robot (have not used it before) to auto update a 3rd party system. the system is quite a complex housing management system where the operator will select multiple pull down menus and many work flows within the software.
Connection to the 3rd party software is via a Citrix client with user name and password verification for the Citrix and the 3rd party system. We also need to map up to 15 3rd party systems
The main questions are
Can the robot
perform the complex tasks
Auto log into the 2 login paths.
can 1 robot connect to multiple 3rd party systems or are multiple robots required.


Hi Andy,

If these things can be done by a user then 9/10 they can be done by a robot. However, I must warn you that going via a Citrix image is much harder than installing the UiPath software on the actual machine. However, there are lots of guys on here who do work via Citrix and will be able to help.

If the systems are accessed from the same machine then yes,one robot will be able to perform all tasks in the same way that a person would do. Obviously a machine can hold a lot of information in memory so grabbing all information from system 1 and transferring to system 2 is better than doing one case at a time.

Please ask if you have any more questions. If I were you I would download and install the trial version of UiPath to see if you can do the more complex items before you pay for anything.



HI Richard
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately all of the customer systems are on remote servers and this can not be changed.
We have our own in house system that heh data will be entered in to then this will have to be replicated onto the customers systems. the systems have quite complex internal processes as they are to diagnose and resolution of property repairs. I would think that it would be quite time consuming for the this to built within the robot for each system (15 individual systems).
We have down loaded the trial version and have built very simple routines that work, we will require more expert assistance if we move forward with the project.
I have now contacted UIPATH to start to get initial costs for the project. Once I have this then I can start moving forward on the programming side.
Thanks again for your reply and if you have any further advice it would be appreciated.