Publishing to Orchestrator

Hello Everyone, I need some help troubleshooting a problem. I published my project to orchestrator and every time I run it, nothing happens. I checked the log file and it just says execution started. But nothing else. In the info it says input null and output is null. Any help?

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Buddy kindly check whether the correct robot and the machine where you want to perform the action is connected with orchestrator @seanp92
and i would like to give you few more suggestions buddy

  1. First check robot is connected to the orchestrator with correct machine…that is the machine name of your system Robot.exe (which is in the tray) must be equal to the one you create in orchestrator, that is it implies the machine name from our system where robot is installed must be simply copied and use to create a machine in orchestrator
  2. Kindly check whether the machine key is correctly given to the machine tray settings,you can check that by going Start->Robot and click settings, check with machine name and key and URL as well

kindly check these and let know buddy @seanp92
we can sort this out buddy its easy

All of that proper and connected. Im running this on a server but Im not sure if this is a server issue.


Did you try to restart the Robot service? (It should be unattended robot to run if the VM is locked.)

Also try double checking the provisioning that you have done, and see in the versions whenever you publish whether it’s getting updated.

Kindly check the Connection to Orch. and your Robot, also restart the system/studio for good measure.

Regards :slight_smile:

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Check if the server is installed with robot.exe and check whether that machine name of that server is what mentioned here in orchestrator machine tab and make sure no one logs in when the bot is running , and make sure the server is connected buddy

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were able to connect now buddy @seanp92