Publishing packages to an Orchestrator

I published a package from Studio 2021.10 to an orchestrator 2021.10 shared folder.

What will happen in the orchestrator if I do not make any changes to the project and will again publish the package?

Hi @developer0

It is published as new version of package like v1.0 in orchestrator

Thanks, @sangeethaneelavannan1 for your response.

Can you tell me like the new package we published, will be set as the active version or not?


If you need to set the new version of package as active then follow below steps

Refer updating process from folder section

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It will not be set as an active by default . you will need to manually update the versioning .

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In this context…when you push the code package will
Be updated…but what you need to do in UiPath is to create a process out of the pckage and then run processes from
The robots

And when you update a package …the corresponding peocess is not updated automatically …you have to manually update the project to the required version or package.till then whatever package is assigned would be used and not the latest one

Hope this clears


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