Publishing outside Studio



Wanted to get some opinions on the following matter:

How many of you have the need to package and publish from outside Studio? Essentially creating the Nuget Package of the Studio project without the need of opening Studio.

If you did end up into this problem how did you overcome this? What would be the best approach?
For me this is custom development, one can easily use nuget API and study the nuspec Studio generates in order to build the package and do whatever with it.

On the other hand maybe we can ship some command line scripts that one can use to build that package. Similar to a compile command line from C#.

What do you think? Do you have a similar use case? What is your use case? Can we build something generic that can help? What?


@productEnt any words on this matter?


Can’t say much right now, but we’re investigating building the workflow packages straight from TFS and pushing to Orchestrator from there.
Since there’s already an integration (however light) to VCS, not using that looks like a waste and it also solves the potential problem of how to make sure that what is in the package should be there (shouldn’t be -> don’t commit it), as well as easing building with “real” shared files (similar to what @Masire is doing with GIT).


Something like this?


It would be useful if we could for example package your project to multiple locations quickly like if you wanted to send it directly to multiple servers. But in this case, we can simply run a robocopy script I guess.

However, we were recently blocked from access to our Orchestrator server or its files. So if there was a way to publish the project to Orchestrator without the need of being connected or to multiple Orchestrators, that would also be helpful.

Opening Studio is not painful in most cases for myself, but working with multiple Orchestrators/servers can sometimes be. I’m all for multiple publishing options too.



Ok thanks everyone. At the moment we are not considering building anything special related to outside publishing. @ClaytonM 's idea was something i have been hearing in the past as well, i’ll add it into consideration.


I would love to see something like that. We could build continuous integration/continuous deployment pipelines with these command line scripts.


It would also allow to effectively have multi-project repositories, since the limitation of building from top-level would be gone.


+1 for idea of GIT --:> Orchestrator publishing. You might want to consider below suggestion: