Publishing Hello World, Appears in UIPath Orchestrator online, but not in UIPath Assistant

Hello all! I created a free account a few months ago and remember looking at a few of the online Orchestrator settings, but did not try creating any of the sample packages/programs until “Reboot” started.

I was able to download Studio/StudioX and was able to log in. I was able to create the blank project, and was able to add the message box. I was able to publish, though the publish options did appear different from what was presented in the video.

When Publishing: In the “Publish to” field: The only option available for selection (other than Custom) is “Orchestrator Tenant Processes Feed”. In the video, the publish option available is “Orchestrator Personal Workspace Feed”.

I can see the Package In (online) Orchestrator at the Tenant level under Packages:

Best I can tell - it appears that the UIPath Assistant needs the package to be available under the “folders” section (cannot paste two images…sorry):

I am guessing there is at least one additional task that I need to perform to make the package available. From the video - it appears this step should happen automatically. Are there certain account or tenant settings I should verify before proceeding?

Thanks in advance!

Here is the 2nd image I was trying to post earlier:

UiPath Studio / Assistant: From using a community license to being signed in to Orchestrator. - YouTube

The above video resolved my issue (found in Forum FAQ - How to start using UiPath (how to download Studio and configure your robot) - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum )


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