Publishing comment


currently it is hard to see the differences between multiple process versions on the orchestrator (“Manage versions”).

I think it would be really helpful if there was a way to add an optional comment (one liner) when publishing workflows to the orchestrator. This comment should then be shown at “Manage versions”.


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We were discussing something similar just last week :slight_smile:
Our idea though was to be able to add a comment/mark from the Orchestrator itself, to shortly describe to package versions (mainly to mark which ones are stable, as a lot of package versions are publish → deploy → test → never run again). We ended up thinking that a checkmark for “Stable” would probably be easiest and also could serve as a flag for mass-removal of packages (“Remove all not marked as stable”, as one would still usually prefer to keep previous stable versions for possible rollback scenarios).

Didn’t post that idea yet though, so I’m very glad we aren’t the only ones thinking about it. Kudos for the action :slight_smile: