Publishing and running a Library as Test Case is tossing Could Not Find File 'C:\Users\USERNAME\.nuget\packages\PROJECT_NAME\PROJECT_VERSION\lib\net45\Main.xaml' Error

Why does test cases published from a Library project will not run from Orchestrator and throw errors like Could not find file 'C:\Users\{User Name}\.nuget\packages\{Library Project Name}_Tests\{Version Number}\lib\net45\{Test Case Name}.xaml' .

Root Cause: There is a bug when publishing test cases from libraries, they will not be published in Orchestrator. However, observe them in Orchestrator because Orchestrator verifies the project.json file and sees that the test case names are present. But on downloading the package published to Orchestrator, and verifying its content, see that the test case files are not there.


  1. Upgrade Studio/Studio Pro version to 2020.10.7 or higher
  2. Delete the existing processes, test sets, and previous affected package from the Orchestrator
  3. Publish the Test Case again to the Orchestrator once the Studio is upgraded to a higher version as specified above.
  4. Execute the Test Set which resolves the issue.