Publishing a project- admin rights issue


Can someone tell me, if I publish a project with a certificate will my unpacked process folder at .nuget location still require admin password in order to copy the folder from .nuget to some other location?

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Hi @Petar_Soce,
From perspective of normal desktop I would say “no”. But from domain environment perspective user should have not see this folder. It’s only matter of proper GPO settings and restriction.

Thank you Paulito.

We have a situation where our production robot is just like any other win user. But since we are in a corporation that user does not have admin rights, so when a project is published admin has to enable that folder so we can copy it to another location where we store all codes etc.

You can also publish project twice. One for orchestrator and one locally to the folder where you are storing everything :slight_smile:

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Thank you

We do not have an orchestrator. Yes I know I can publish custom but I am talking about the unpacking the .npkg file. When installed by the robot.exe. The project is unpacked inside .nuget folder. And that folder is then locked and only accesible via admin rights.

Let me just summarize so we’ll be sure that we are thinking the same. You have project in .nupkg file and you are pushing it to the robot. Robot is unpacking the file in .nuget folder and you want to copy this unpacked project somewhere else but need to have admin rights before do so is that correct?

If yes… then have you tried to unpack this .nupkg project manually using just 7zip or something and then throw it to folder you want without unnecessarily going for it into .nuget folder?

Yes Correct. I dont have to unpack it from robot try. Can do that just with zip??
We spoke with your support at when time they showed us like that and we always thought thats the only way.

On the left folder is unpacked using zip and on the right using robot tray. When unpacked from robot try it creates all dependecies.json and some other files but when from zip it does not create that but some folders. Can you point me where I can find some explanation to this ?

It’s because robot is working similarly to Studio. It means robot also need to download dependencies and packages to work with project which requires such. But go to this zip-unpacked folder into lib\net45 folder and look what is there :slight_smile:
And in project.json (opened in notepad):
And bunch of other stuff needed for project :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Inside \lib i have:

Do need all of theese files for the project to work properly. If Yes then it has to be published from the robot tray??

Those are files needed to properly run project between Orchestrator - Robot and as you see there is also some encryption (SHA512) file. Those prevents from any kind of disruptions when project is running on robot I guess. In your case the project files from .net45 folder are only what you need. Based on then you can publish another .nupkg file from Studio anyway :slight_smile:

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Well thank you. You just blew my mind. :slight_smile:

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One more question. What does publish then actually do. It only zips files. Can I then just send the files via zip and without publishing ?

Ziping project will not work. By publishing other “magic” is happening. Your package have versions so you can publish next iteration of package with higher number what will make project easier to maintain in orchestrator. You have possibility to sign the package with certificate, you can provide release note etc etc.


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