Publishing a process

need a little help to understand about how to publish run a process on orchestrator which has
1- saves a mail as local file and uses ie to open that mail to scrap data
2-uses a notepad to generate a random number
I am new to automation and I am not sure what happens to files and start process activity (ie) when it is published on orchestrator.

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Publishing the process to orchestrator won’t impact the application or the file that is created from it
Orchestrator helps us to manage the process and schedule them whenever we want and has many more advantages
And we need to worry only when that process is ran in another machine where we need to have same application installed and the folder structure where the file is saved
Else we are good to go

So kindly proceed further on publishing the package to orchestrator

And for your insights I would like to suggest you to go for Level-2 Training in Orchestrator in our uipath academy

Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @sanjeevSB

Tanks a lot, it helped.

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Cheers @sanjeevSB

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