Publishing a package by renaming the json publishes with old package name

Scenario - Project folder name old name - XYZ, renamed to new name - ABC , in the project json, changed “id”: “ABC”, But when I publish the package to the Orchestrator, it still publishes as XYZ and not ABC.



@Amrita_Mogali I cannot reproduce. When i change the id it publishes the package with the new name. Which studio version are you using?

This was at the client location at McDonald’s China and they are using 2016.2.6274(The latest version of studio trial)

Hi @viorela.preda,

I just checked the same on 2 different versions of UiPath Studio. It worked correctly on 2016.2.6192 (client’s machine it worked correctly) but the same issue occurs in 2016.2.6274 (on my local desktop) as what @Amrita_Mogali mentioned.


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Seem version related.