Publishing a complex project to orchestrator questions

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  1. If you want to publish a process to orchestrator that has several invokes in it
    how does that work? Like the REFramework (too general a question I know I’ve sort of split out my main queries about the issue below). When you publish you publish a whole project which may have multiple xaml files in it, so when you turn it into an orchestrator process to run how does it know which xaml to run. In the REFramework case it should be the main xaml but there are several xaml’s in that same top level folder and many more in the sub folders.
  2. In the orchestrator training you publish single projects with single processes in it. There are no invoked processes in the training. How are these dealt with. You invoke a process from a specific location. Once the main project is published the invoked processes may not have been published so when you run the published process from orchestrator that will then run invoked processes that have not been published? And if you do want to publish those processes and invoke those ones instead how can you do that, where are the published versions of the processes kept for the invoke path property?
  3. If several robots are trying to access the same (invoked) xaml files at the same time do they conflict.
  4. Is it better not to have invokes when you have a process that runs on multiple robots or on orchestrator as the invoked file will have to be somewhere all robots can access.
  5. If you have robots in different locations will that not significantly slow things down if they have to open files from a remote location (say on a different continent).
  6. When you publish to orchestrator where are the published files kept if you have an active robot they are not kept in the local folder.

Orchestrator will trigger based on the reference xaml given in project.jason file.

The entry point of the automation project. It consists of an .xaml file. The default name is “Main.xaml”. It is displayed both as the title of the Designer panel and in the Properties panel in Studio. If you want to execute a different project first, change the value of this parameter to the name of the .xaml file to be processed.
Note : If your automation project contains multiple files, each of them should be linked to the Main.xaml file through the Invoke Workflow File activity. This is especially useful when the project is published to Orchestrator and sent to a Robot, as the Robot executes only the file provided in this parameter.

if you want to change entry point of xaml file you can change in this project.jason file

Hope below link will provide you bit more information


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Probably this may not happen it is advised to keep all the xaml files inside the project folder, when ever we publish from main, all the dependencies (Invoked files) will be packed inside package along with project package. which is similar to archiving the folder.

when we invoke files from other locations (not from project directory) i need to try!!!

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conflict may happen if your trigger the process from studio (not sure), when you trigger through orchestrator there won’t be any conflict.

when you publish to orchestrator the whole project will be in copied to nugetfeed where orchestrator will have access and can be used by multiple robots.

please go through the below link this may give you better idea…


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