Published Robot cannot be run

Hi Everyone
When I install my robot, I cannot be run as error occurs “An error appeared while executing ‘ProjectName’ Error message: The system cannot find the file specified”.
And when I look at the .nuget folder and open the script error is Document is invalid.
Can someone resolve this issue. Please…:frowning:
Thank you

Hi @James90,

Can you upload the project zip file if possible?
There is some issue with the directory paths you are using. I don’t understand why you are looking into nuget folder

Hi @HareeshMR
When we install the robot, it’s script file will be in .nuget folder we can edit robot from there, the path are all correct. The error is in the above.

Can you upload the project file and corresponding files?

Main.xaml (10.0 KB)

In the start process, you have this: “StartYourShift\batfile\KillProcess”. Can you check whether it is correct, i don’t see any error in the file. But i think you have to give the extension as well to start the right process


Hi @James90,

Hope you got your problem resolved. Can you close the thread by marking the right answer as solution to help the remaining folks in the forum?

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