Published projects from Orchestrator run but not visible on remote desktop

HI Everybody,

I have just installed the uipath software on our servers for a pilot. We have a separate server running the Orchestrator,studio and robot and a few virtual desktops that have only the robot installed. The robots are provisioned through the Orchestrator and are connected.

I published a test project from the orchestrator server with a sequence (from the resources page) that shows an input dialog and then dispays it in a messagebox. However, when i run the published project/sequence on the robot there is no input dialog shown but it completes without errors. I can see something is happening, an extra proces is started and goes away again.

I am connected to the virtual desktop through RDP, it’s windows 10.
The robot in Orchestrator is configured with the same user account which is used to log on to the virtual desktop. This is a admin account.

does anybody have an idea what i might have done wrong?

thanks in advance!

You can share your solution here, JAD. :slight_smile: