Publish to OC but Package not Found

我遇到一個publish 的問題




Process is published in DemoFolder

So click on DemoFolder in ur orchestrator and then click on automation tab and process tab in it

Click on plus button and search for your ProcessName there

You can find there

Cheers @aaronchen

Click on shared or my workspace where you will find processes tab. There click on add process and publish it in orchestrator. @aaronchen

check in orchestrator the settings for the package publishing - folder level, tenant level …
check in UiPath Studio the connection to the respective ORC folder, when publishing the package
grafik and adapt it if needed

When package is not found in Orchestrator on tenant level, then check also the other possible feeds

Hi Peter
Thanks for answering.
However, I am not sure about where is the publish setting you mentioned(folder level, tenant level)
Can you be more specific?

Yeah I can start a process by the way you mentioned.

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Glad it got resolved @aaronchen

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