Publish to custom - will also include dependencies

Hi ,
When we are publishing the package using custom feed , does the package also have the dependencies ?

Is there a way to migrate the package between tenants with out download to custom location.

Ideally we need to move the package from dev to test

Lets assume we have defined some dependend packages e.g. with Package Manager within our modelled automation process project

We publish our modelled automation process to a custom location
As of now only our nupkg will be there

(Simplified description):

When it will be picked up e.g. we have configured the location as a feed or location where to look then the nuget loading mechanism comes into the picture

  • it will take the published nupkg and expand it (along with some other tasks) on the nuget repository locations (Typical: C:\Users}Username.nuget …)
  • needed or missing depended packages will be fetched by the nuget loader also (if internet/feed/resource is available

same also for dependencies defined by depended packages

Concepts of moving artifacts from one tenant/environment … you can find e.g. by

  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • deployment / ORC manager tools
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Thanks Peter for the simple explanation.
With respect to migration , ci cd we have done in previous one. In current one We are not there yet . Thinking of opening the connection to the test tenant and publish directly and restrict the access through orchestrator . Can you help with your views on this