Publish the proces from studio

Hi Guys,

I have a strange problem.
I’m publishing the process from my studio. Mu robot is disconnected with Orch but I don’t know why packages is still published in Orch
I checked my Uipath setting and I do not know why
“NuGetServerUrl”: “”, is empty any idea what should I do?
Recently I replaced my laptop and WIN from 7 to 10

I need to have packages version somewhere on my drive (593 Bytes)

Hi @niteckam,
Can you change UiPath.settings (“NuGetServerUrl”: “http://OrchestratorURL/nuget”)


I did not change anything.
I zipped my file and my NuGetServerUrl is empty
I have no idea why

Hi ,
What is the color is showing the Robot icon in the system tray. ?


Robot is disconnected and is red

This is what you want to know?

Hi @niteckam ,
It says that is not connected with orchestrator. So please remove all the values form Robot Key,Orchestrator URl.

And try to do the publishing. It will be in Local.

The Icon should be below color.



Hi @niteckam: as Balamurugan suggested please connect your robot to the orchestrator and then try to publish, you can also check the resources


I know how to publish a process
There are two ways

  • when your Robot is connected with Orch, packages is published directly in Orch
  • when the Robot is disconnected with Orch, package should be published locally and be available under my C\ProgramData\UiPath

The problem is my Robot is disconnected and published packages are going directly to my Community Orch, not locally. I think my setting are wrong, Please look at my attachment in first post


I reinstall my UiPath studio and now all works properly.


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Good … @niteckam