Publish project with a copy to local folder option

Hi Team,

Whenever I publish a project I have only either of options

Like either l can publish it to orchestrator or to custom path

I had a scenario where I used to publish in Dev orchestrator And if the testing goes well, will go to tenant tab → Package tab of that Dev orchestrator and download the package and place it in a shared drive

Another team will pick it and upload that in prod orchestrator

But instead of doing that I was wondering can there be an option to publish both with orchestrator and also an option to have copy in a custom path we want so that the above steps can be avoided and save time

The above one is just a sample scenario but there are many such where people look for folders to get package from orchestrator feed to upload in different instances of orchestrator after developing / testing

Though we got the folder path where to get the published package but still we have got a option to publish in CUSTOM PATH as it has its own significance

Can we have an option that includes both like a option to have a copy in local folder along with orchestrator feed


Great suggestion @Palaniyappan

I believe this might be resolved with a nicely configured CI/CD pipeline, but I’ll leave it up to the team to decide how to tackle it :slight_smile:

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