Publish package size doubles up

I am using REFramework and developed automation project. Every time, I make changes to my project, I publish nupackage, I noticed that fielsize grows to double. Is it because it is keeping older version also in package? If yes, is it possible to not keep the older version?
Even I correct spelling mistake in email subject and publish, the nupackage size is doubled up. I feel something is wrong or I am not aware of.

Pls help.


@nitin_g I’m having same issue when publishing a custom package, did you ever figure this out?


Do you use ReFramework also?

Can you please share your project ? The only reason I can think this is happening is that you publish inside the project folder. Can you please share some more details about your project ? Studio version ? Orchestrator used ? Publish path ?

@AlexandraVeizu No, I’m building a library from scratch.

@alexandru Can’t share the project due to NDA. I was in fact publishing inside the project folder, and my quick workaround for yesterday was to reset the package number back to 1.0.0.

UiPath version 2018.3.2 on Windows 10 Enterprise. No Orchestrator used. Publish path is “project_folder\builds”

Thank you

This is working as design:
When pressing Publish all the content from the folder is packed inside the .nupkg file. So if you use project_folder\builds as publish path everytime you publish it will double the package size :slight_smile:


@alexandru Thank you, good to know. I should have spent more time with the documentation, but had to jump into this project at last minute.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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