Publish Orchestrator Error: to large

Hi everyone,

We are currently publishing a process in the orchestrator, but when publishing it this error arises, will you know what the reason may be?


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There has been a very recent development which may be causing this.

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Thank you, let me try it and I will inform how it went

the same error still persists,

It looks like the project may be too large to upload.

Are there any large Excel workbooks or files in your project folder? If so, you will want to move those outside of the folder when you publish. Only what is needed internal to the process should be uploaded.

If you need to reference the file, store it somewhere the bot can access and have the file opened from that directory.


Hello @askPWC,

The max size of a nuget package by default is 30 MB. As mentoned in the official docs here.


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Hi @askPWC
Please debug before publishing
Debug will notify you the issue .

And can you tell us that is this the first publish or have you publish something before successfully


Let me try this.

This process has been running for about 9 months without inconvenience. Now we are connecting it to the orchestrator.
First publish for the process.
Third to the orchestrator because it have already 2 other process already publish.

In addition to this doc reference and updating your IIS setting to accept larger payloads than 30MB.

Review your project for excess files that are not needed or should live outside the project structure.

Make sure there is not a sudden increase in exception screenshots that might have been created during development or the screen captures associated with the various activities that might not exist or not needed for reference.