Publish of workflow project to orchestrator failed package already exists

publish of workflow project to orchestrator failed package already exists

what it means how can i resolve

Hi @T_Y_Raju

Check the version number in Orchestrator, It could be higher or already the package with the Version is already exist

So, check what is the version it already have, open the project.json file from the project folder and you can manually change the version.

Once done save and try to republish then it will resolves your issue

Hope this may help you


please update highlighted New version.
like 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 even here you can put anything.

Hello @raja.arslankhan

it saying your current version already there in orachestrator. Change version 1.0.2 and try again to publish. let me know if you have any question.

actually there are 2 bots on same name so when publishing same error pakage already exists

whenever your are publishing from both two robot you must manage versions of packages.

can u explain like

Suppose Your publish package from one machine that package version 1.0, and you are again publish that package from second machine that time package should be 1.1. like this way you can manage versions of package for both two robots.

Hope so you understand this.

@pawanrajpurohit @T_Y_Raju Guys whenever you publish your code it is automatically getting active version from orchestrator as a old version and suggested new one as a auto…

Simply change suggested one it will resolve your issue.

Hello @raja.arslankhan

Yes your correct but this happen when you are working with one robot. When you are working with multiple robot or machine that time auto increment happen but according last update with that machine. In this situation we need manual versions according to orachestrator.

That’s why I am saying just put your desire package name in .json or during publish time.
It will resolve issue.

yes He need to change version like 1.0 to 1.1 @T_Y_Raju


First of all yes changing the final version will resolve your issue…

but that is not the correct way as you might loose the changes made by the other developer…

So try getting the updated project files from other machine and then merge your updates and then publish

For example you updated the code and published from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1…and next time the other developer if he works on 1.0.0 then when he publishes he cannot as you already updated to 1.0.1…but if you dont give your updated code the changes you made while publishing as 1.0.1 will be lost when 1.0.2 is directly published …so please make sure to get the code and make your updates in the latest version always