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Hi Team,

If I publish any acitivity or bot in publish studio in UIpath. is it cost effective or it will take some money charge.

Hi @Abudhahir,

It costs nothing if you are using trial version of UiPath Orchestrator.

I am using License version

I think license is also one time chargeble thing so that it won’t cost you.

I didnot using Uipath Orchestrator.

I am just using Uipath studio.

it also one time chargeable right.!

Then where you are publishing the package? It wont do anything. And it is not all chargeable.


If you are not using orchestrator then published projects will be under system tray. You can publish ‘n’ no. of process and run from system tray which one you want to run.

As you said, it is licensed one so you have to renew the license every year before expiring

Thank you!

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Hi Laskshman
If I use uipath studio. and publish any custom activity. it will take not any cost right.

Yes, it won’t.

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