Publish Button Greyed Out in Studio

I am trying to publish my workflow to Orchestrator as per the training video in academy but the publish button is greyed out in my studio. I am unable to publish my workflow as a result of this.
I have done the following…in orchestrator

  1. Created a Machine
  2. Created a Robot
  3. Created an environment
  4. Mapped my robot to orchestrator - My robot says connected…

    I am unable to figure out how to publish my workflow… any help would be appreciated.
    Newbie here… thanks for the help

Your whole project seems to have a problem, saying Read Only… maybe it is running, you have it in the wrong folder… did you close the studio and reopen?

As Suggested… i closed studio and re-opened it and the publish button was activated… I think i will be able to publish now…
Thanks for your prompt response.
Appreciate it.
Happy Automation. :wink:

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