Publish bot code with multiple activities sources


In case I have added activities from multiple sources in my code, like , Balareva excel from uipathgallery/api. In case I publish the code, will these sources be identified and included in the code and can this be executed on another system without any additional configuration?
What about in case of custom made source(nuget package created using Visual studio)?

Hi @saurabh.sitank,

It will work in another system as well if you send the package which contains all the dependencies i.e., XAML files, package.json by making a zip file.

Hi @HareeshMR,

Do you mean zipping the xaml files in the code, without publishing them?

You mean publishing in the orchestrator?

I am publishing from UiPath studio–> SETUP Tab–> Publish

Have you configured studio with Orchestrator in UiPath Robot, simply publishing will do nothing …

If you want to share your project with someone, then to include all the dependencies, you have to make a zip of xaml files and corresponding package.json