Publisch UIPath in Citrix

Hi everyone,

our IT admin publisched the UIPath into Citrix Environment.
If I open citrix receiver and start Uipath Studio, I receive the error message (see below):

What would be the possible solution for it? Is that some issues with access rigths of UIPath to the windows register?


Or if some additional dll are missing, how to identify which exactly?

Sounds like they didn’t activate the license on the Citrix Server it was installed upon

Can you help me installing uipath on citrix server.

We have installed UiPath CE on a Citrix server. Unfortunately, we need to activate every time we log on. According to documentation, ( , UiPath on Citrix only works with Orchestrator. Is there a workaround as there is no Business case for an Orchestrator licence at this time.

HI @AgiumDigitalMB

It seems that it might be some issue with persistence of files between sessions.

Another idea is that when you run Studio from the installer, it will wipe out all settings and ask for activation every time. You should run it from the installed location instead (but I’m quite sure you’re already doing so?).

The location: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiPath.Studio.exe